Reverse Hyper Machines

The perfect therapeutic tool for the lower back

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Why do you need the Reverse Hyper Machine?

The RHM allows you to develop several muscles all at once. This includes the glutes as well as the hamstring muscles. These are all key muscles for bodily movement and positional comfort. Damage or underdevelopment in these muscles could mean a lifetime of injuries and pain.  The Reverse Hyper is the perfect therapeutic tool for the lower back.  If you have lower back injuries or spinal complications then this is one of the machines you should use in the gym. It decompresses the spinal vertebrae speeding up the healing process.  It also increases speed and strength and reaction times,  making it the machine of choice for athletes.  RHM improves the muscles responsible for running, pulling, and squats amongst a host of other vital bodily movements.

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How to use Reverse Hyper Machine

Why You Shouldn’t Miss It ?

Very Safe Device

Puts less strain on the Spine


Allows you to develop several muscles all at once

The machine of choice for athlete

Increases speed and strength and reaction times.

Improves Healing Process

The perfect therapeutic tool for the lower back

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