DIY Reverse Hyper Machine: Should You Build Your Own?

Lower back pain is a major problem facing huge numbers of office workers. Sitting in a chair from 9 am to 5 pm and hunching over a phone or computer is a recipe for tight hips, poor posture and eventually spine rigidity.  To reverse this damage many experts recommend reverse hyper machines. This kind of exercise effectively works the spine while targeting the lower back and hamstrings. It is both a strength builder and restoration machine making it ideal for both physical and postural improvements. Unfortunately, a lot of people just don’t have access to a reverse hyper machine. There are various reasons for this but the principal of these is the machine’s price tag.  Reverse Hyper Machines can be expensive and many gyms don’t have them. When a gym does have a reverse hyper, it is often of low-quality, without the necessary joint angles to give you the work out you need.  

For these, and other reasons some people attempt to build their own reverse hyper machines at home. While this might seem like a great idea, it can also turn out to be a very costly mistake if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. If you have previous experience in building this type of machinery, you might be successful.  However, without this expertise, you run the risk of wasting precious time and money. So, should you build your own machine, or should you buy one? Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before embarking on a DIY reverse hyper machine project:

Do you have the necessary skills?

Although being ambitious is good, sometimes intentions alone are not enough. It is also critical to consider the “what ifs.” What will happen if you encounter problems when designing the machine? Will you have the necessary knowledge to correct the problem? Be sincere with yourself about your skills as the outcome depends on it.  Buying from a reliable dealer, on the other hand, will ensure you get a device that is not only up to standard but if used properly, is guaranteed to get your body get into shape. Most manufacturers also have a warranty on their machines, so if a problem arises or it breaks, you won’t spend a dime.

Are you prepared both physically and mentally?

Do you have the tolerance to complete the task? Reverse hyper projects can easily take days to complete, and once you start the process there is no going back. So if you struggle to complete similar projects or you don’t have the patience, just pass. Similarly, keep in mind the types of emotions that come with such projects: exhaustion, frustration, and stress amongst others. If you cannot persevere or you have trouble handling stress, it is perhaps a better idea to just buy one.

Do you have the right tools and how much will you save?

DIY projects require tools. If you don’t have them or can’t easily borrow most of them, financial experts always recommend buying the machine instead of buying the tools. Purchasing tools that you may never use again could be more expensive than buying the device directly. Calculate how much you would need to spend to build a machine by yourself and how much it would cost to purchase the machine.  Compare the costs of both options. Remember to consider material and tool costs while doing this and don’t forget the amount of time that you’ll be spending on the project.

Do you have other important things to do?

Time is money and spending time on one project is time spent not doing another project. If your schedule is tight or you travel a lot, it doesn’t make any sense to spend your precious weekends making the reverse hyper machine when you can spend the valuable time with your friends and loved ones. Similarly, if you are on leave and work outside the country it is better to spend that time with your family than spend it looking for tools to help with the project. Bottom line, before you embark on designing and making your own reverse hyper machine, think critically and assess your skills. Though it might seem like an easy job at first, it could end up being your worst nightmare! Ask yourself if you have the resources and patience to sustain the project if you encounter a problem or if it takes longer. Assess the pros and cons of both sides. If you have better things to or you feel uncertain about completing the job, just hire an expert or purchase one directly.  Purchasing the machine instead of building one isn’t a sign of defeat or a lazy option.  The smart choice is the one that is right for you and your loved ones.

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