Does the Reverse Hyper Work for Herniated Disks?

Many people would love to hit the gym and get themselves into shape, but they just don’t understand the type of activity they need or the best machine to use.  There are so many different exercise machines to choose from and some are far more effective than others.  The Reverse Hyper Machine is an exercise machine that is developed with precision and delivers tremendous results when used appropriately.  It was designed by renowned top powerlifting coach Louie Simmons who used the machine to rehabilitate his back after suffering significant spinal injuries. Louie broke his spinal vertebrae in two places, an injury which put him in severe pain and almost ended his career.  Determined to rehabilitate himself, Simmons developed the Reverse Hyper Machine, to which he attributes his full recovery and continued successful career.

The Reverse Hyper is designed to strengthen the spine and enhance spinal function, making it the perfect back exercise machine.  There are many other exercise devices which focus on the back, but the Reverse Hyper Machine has advanced functionalities which give it superior effectiveness. The Reverse Hyper is designed with an open chain movement function which allows the feet to move freely. Other machines have a closed chain where the feet are firmly planted on the ground or fastened to the pads.  This can exert unnecessary pressure on the back and easily lead to injury. The Reverse Hyper Machine does not place any compressing force on the spine making it safer and more effective than other machines.  The Reverse Hyper is not just a spinal rehabilitation machine.  It is also a great tool for strengthening the lower back to enhance fitness and core strength and to protect against future injuries.

Does the Reverse Hyper help rehabilitate herniated disks?

Many people ask if the Reverse Hyper Machine can help heal herniated disks. Exercising with this machine helps to gently pull the vertebra apart creating space in between the vertebrae. The traction makes room for any bulging or compressed herniated disks can reverse the action and eliminate the possibility of developing further herniations. The Hyper machine can be used together with heavy and light loads during daily training to reduce tightness in the lower back and strengthen hamstrings, hips and more.  Advanced specifications maximize its flexibility and improve effectiveness.  The machine is compatible with additional bumpers and steel including 45lbs steel plates. It comes with several hand-holds to accommodate different user heights and a hyper strap to ensure you are firm and comfortable while exercising.

Here are just some of the many benefits of the Reverse Hyper Machine:

Aids in Hip Extension

Hip extension is critical in every athletic movement, from running and jumping to squatting and other muscular movements. The Hyper Machine strengthens the posterior muscles which are essential for hip extension. It helps to increase the contractile speed and strength which will, in turn, enhance athletic performance.

Promotes General Injury Resilience

Lower back injuries are very common both for athletes and for people who carry heavy loads.  Flexible hamstrings can protect against potential injuries during intensive exercise or physical work.  The Reverse Hyper machine enhances the development of glutes and hamstrings which are vital in building a resilient lower back. The movements of this machine train the glute and hamstring without putting any pressure on the spine. This is beneficial to athletes with lower back problems, recovering from lower back issues, or seeking to improve general lower back health.

Enhances Core Control

The Hyper Machine helps you build a firm and strong core for ease of movement and functionality. As you move the weights, the machine stimulates the core muscle group.  Accentuating core musculature is vital for building and maintaining strength and for protecting your back. The Reverse Hyper Machine engages glutes and core providing the perfect exercise to enhance core fitness and health.

Builds Strength

The Reverse Hyper Machine helps to build strength by exerting force on the muscles, allowing them to develop and expand. The machine engages glute and hamstring muscles which are essential for providing strength for the everyday functioning of the body. This is especially beneficial to athletes who need power and vigor for stamina in the field.

The Reverse Hyper Machine is a powerful exercise tool with many benefits. It is advisable to get professional guidance when you are new to this type of exercise.  Experts recommend starting off by using the machine for short periods of time and gradually extending your exercise routine as your fitness and strength improve and increase.

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