GHD vs Reverse Hyper: Which has more benefits?

There has been lots of debate recently on online platforms about whether reverse hyper machines are any different from GHD machines. Many people argue that they are one and the same thing.  In this article, we highlight the benefits of both machines and help you decide which machine is best for you.

Reverse Hyper Machine

The reverse hyper machine is a back exercise machine suitable for all ages but mostly designed for young people. The machine is designed to offer safe traction and relieve tension as well as help to alleviate the pressure on the spine brought about by modern life. The reverse hyper machine is most popular as an aid for physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises for the back. Combined with light weights for everyday training, it will help to reduce tightness in the lower back muscles while building hip strength and developing hamstrings and glutes.

Benefits of the Reverse Hyper Machine:

Below are some documented benefits of incorporating the reverse hyper machine into your regular exercise training program;

1. Resilience to injury

Strong, muscular and flexible hamstrings are vital for preventing injuries brought about by high force generating movements and they are also crucial for recovery from existing injuries. A resilient lower back depends upon strength and balance in the hamstrings and glutes. The reverse hyper machine trains glutes and hamstrings in a manner similar to deadlifts and other forms of pulls from the floor but without the same intense force on the spine. This works like magic for athletes or individuals with lower back problems and for those recovering from intense training who are working towards optimum lower back health.

2. Development of Hamstring and Glutes

Your glute and hamstring hypertrophy ought to be in top shape to enable movement such as in squats, pulls, deadlifts, running and many other forms of everyday movement. The reverse hyper machine assists in the development of muscle hypertrophy by facilitating a wide variety of movements. This is an especially good option for limiting extra pressure on the central nervous system, the hips or the lower back by reducing the load on the spine.

3. Increased hip extension ability

All athletic achievement and ability rely on hip extension ability. The muscles responsible for enabling hip extension are part of a series called the posterior chain. Glutes and hamstrings form the primary group in this muscle series. Adding strength, speed, and control by engaging in a wide range of motion enhances performance when conducting deadlifts, squats and heavy lifts.

Glute and Hamstring Development Machine

The GHD machine helps to develop strength in hip and back flexors although its core purpose, as the name indicates, is building glutes and hamstrings.

Benefits of the GHD

A GHD machine provides the perfect aid for performing back raises, sit-ups, glutes and hamstring raises while activating the calf muscles in the process.

GHD machines have a number of benefits as listed below;

  • Help to build back strength
  • Build hamstring strength
  • Increase back endurance
  • Provide strength to the hips
  • Enhance spinal health
  • Boost blood flow to the spine

Having looked at the benefits that both machines offer, the most important factor to help choose between one or the other is the purpose of the training. The Reverse hyper is primarily used as a physical therapy tool.  This machine restores and rehabilitates by providing traction to the spine, allowing spinal fluid to freely flow to the joints and kickstarting the healing process. GHD machines are more commonly used as training aids geared towards strength and muscle development. The GHD machine engages both glutes and the lumbar erector through a bigger range of motion unlike the reverse hyper, which only focuses on the active range of motion. Both machines are extremely effective and both target the same muscles, but to different effect.  It’s important to understand that neither machine can be replaced by the other. To achieve the most from your everyday training, incorporate both a reverse hyper and a GHD machine into your exercise routine.  In the event that you do need to choose between one or the other, then your purpose and objectives for exercising should help you to make your decision.

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