How to Use a Reverse Hyper Machine

The Reverse Hyper Machine is excellent for building strength and fitness. If your goal is to get fit and maintain a healthy body, this is one of the best machines you can buy. The reverse hyper is not the cheapest fitness machine on the market, but it is worth the investment. Not only can it increase your level of fitness and help rehabilitate back injuries, it can also improve your strength, power, speed, reaction time and muscle mass. If you’ve already purchased this machine and you don’t know how to use it, this article will help you learn how to use the reverse hyper to get fit, build muscles and stay fit.

The Reverse Hyper was invented by a powerlifter called Louie Simmons from Westside Barbell. He designed the machine to treat his back pain problems and restore normal spinal function. We will look at how you can best use this machine to keep fit and maintain a healthy body and muscle tone. Unlike other machines, the reverse hyper allows your feet to move while you exercise.  This is an open-chained movement where your whole body is free to make movements as you exercise and it prevents any compression of your spine.  Of course, many people will think of spinal contraction and inversion tables. The traction creates more space between vertebrae, making room for compressed herniated discs or bulging. This kind of traction happens on the downward swing of the machine. When your legs extend, the muscles supporting your spine contract, helping to strengthen the lower back. This is how the machine offers strengthening and lower back rehab.

The above video shows you how to use the Reverse Hyper, giving you a complete practical demonstration.  The machine is not only used for rehab exercises but also for strengthening your back and lowering back pain. You are required to do several sets for your lower back relaxation and warm-up. You can do 2-4 sets of these after doing a heavy lifting session. You can use this machine with both heavy and light loads in your day to day training sessions. Not only will it relieve your back pain but it will also relax your back muscles and promote efficient blood flow. The Reverse Hyper has also been proven to lower back tightness and to strengthen your body including hips, glutes, and hamstrings.

Strength Gain

The Reverse Hyper will help you gain strength, building posterior chain vigor and increasing deadlift power and squat. You will be able to build strength by using light, medium or heavy loads 3 or 4 times per week. Be careful not to do too much too soon as it could cause a lot of discomfort and tightness. Aim for a consistent exercise program with a gradual increase in the time you spend exercising and the weights you use. We do not recommend daily exercises on this machine but equally, you should not go for more than two days without exercises.

The vast majority of people who have purchased a Reverse Hyper machine have benefitted greatly from their investment.  It is durable, easy to use and affordable and the more you do it the better you become. Keep your focus and stick to your exercise program. If you are trying to increase your fitness or shed excess body fat, you can benefit tremendously from this machine as it keeps your whole body busy and active. If you haven’t already seen the video above, watch it now to see just how easy the Reverse Hyper is to use!


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