Joe Rogan Back Machine: How Did He Heal His Back?

Modern lifestyles can lead to all kinds of back and spinal problems.  As well as causing severe and chronic pain, back problems can really limit a person’s movement, leading to muscle wastage, weight gain, and a general drop in overall fitness.  The source of these problems can often be difficult to pin down.  Muscle strain can be caused by lifting something heavy in the gym or at work, sleeping in a bad position or by sitting in one place for too long. Many people are unable to lift anything heavy, or sit in certain positions because of their back problems.  Treating a back problem as soon as it presents is crucial.  Failing to act will almost certainly lead to more problems and the longer you leave it, the worse the back pain is likely to get. 

What is a Reverse Hyper Machine?

A Reverse Hyper Machine is a sophisticated back decompression machine that helps to cure problems of the back and lower back. Joe Rogan calls it a back decompress used to reverse the back problem. This machine is unlike any of the other back machines that you see in the gym.  It was created by Louie Simmons an American powerlifter and coach after he seriously injured his back.  Louie attributes his complete recovery and continued career success to the machine which increases the flow of blood in the lower back and releases any stress in the region.  

The Reverse Hyper Machine is a unique way to train your back and your lower back without lifting excessive weights. As mentioned earlier, a back injury can severely limit a person’s ability to lift any weight so, in this situation,  the Reverse Hyper machine is ideal.  The Reverse Hyper is very simple to use and it works on the glutes and other muscles like the hamstrings, obliques and erector spine.  The machine helps to build strength in the lower back as well as relieving any tension in that part of the body.

How Do You Use A Reverse Hyper Machine?

It is important to know the correct way to use the machine as incorrect use could lead to further back strain or injury instead of healing.  Any sprained muscle or injury could potentially cause all kinds of trouble in the future if not given the time and attention needed to heal completely. The Reverse Hyper machine is like a tall table, with a strap at the bottom attached to weights. To use it,  you hop on the machine and swing the weight that is attached at the bottom of the machine by pulling the weights with your legs. This helps to decompress the spine and vertebrae,  allowing the back to reverse its way back to normal.

We will share with you the detailed version of how you can use this machine to heal your back:  Lie on the machine and hold on to the bars.  Then place your legs in the straps at the bottom of the machine. After you have comfortably settled into the straps, keep your head and upper body still and start pulling the weights.  You will immediately feel the pressure in your back and you can sense its positive effect as soon as you step on it.  Lift your head up while pulling the weights with your leg and drop your head down while lowering the weights.

Benefits of the Reverse Hyper Machine

The Reverse Hyper machine is highly effective in the development of glutes and hamstrings which are key to a wide array of movements, such as running, squats and much more.  Glutes and Hamstrings are also vital for stability, power, and strength and play an important role in injury prevention.  The movement of the Reverse Hyper machine also helps to increase hip extension. Virtually any injury of the back or hamstrings can be easily cured by the regular use of this machine. 

You can follow these steps to add the Reverse Hyper machine to your daily exercise routine:  Start off with a modest set and be consistent with your exercise each day.   As you start to feel comfortable using the machine you can increase the sets accordingly. This is the best approach if you have an ongoing back pain or an injury in the back.  Starting off small and gradually increasing your reps while gently adding weight in small amounts is the best way to use the Reverse Hyper machine to reverse the damage to your back.

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