Reverse Hyper for Back Pain and Spinal Decompression

Back injuries can be the most debilitating injuries that a person can suffer since they can literally immobilize a fully functional human being for the rest of their lives.  Since accidents do happen, it is imperative that you take care of your back the best way you possibly can. Keeping your back in good shape can prevent injury and pain and keep you fit and mobile throughout your life.  It is not unusual to see an old woman whose back might be expected to be thoroughly bent because of her age still walking straight and fit.  This is because of the kinds of exercise she does which strengthen her back. The Reverse Hyper was designed to build permanent back strength and fitness that will last for life.  

So how does the Reverse Hyper work and how does it strengthen the back?

Reverse Hyperextension is an exercise that ensures your back muscles, all associated bones, and any other body structures are exercised. Using a Reverse Hyper Machine is one of the most effective ways of achieving this.  These machines are often found in high-end gyms but can be improvised at home or sometimes even found in your local gym if you are lucky.  This kind of exercise strengthens muscles like the hamstring and glutes as well as expanding vertebrae disc space which prevents any injuries to your bones.

How to Use a Reverse Hyper Machine

You can modify the Reverse hyper exercises by using a bench in place of the machine. Ensure you give your legs open movement to prevent strain on your muscles as well as on your vertebrae. Once this is done, adjust your weight until it meets your requirements. Make sure you don’t add too much weight as this will end up spraining your muscles and hurting your bones thereby canceling out the benefits of using the machine. 

How does Reverse Hyperextension treat Back Pain?

As previously mentioned, accidents do happen and they can cause damage to our muscles or bones. Years of therapy are often required if full recovery is ever to be made. With the reverse hyper technique, you can be sure of a quicker recovery from your lower back issues. It is vital to note that you should only use this therapy with the advice of your physiotherapist as well as your physician to make it impactful. Major causes of lower back pains include;


Accidents such as vehicle collisions or falls can cause temporary or even permanent damage to your back.


Hard labor that involves carrying large loads is a leading cause of back problems. Bad posture or lifting position is a contributory factor to these kinds of injuries.

Bad Posture

Sitting or standing for long periods of time puts pressure on our back and can cause spinal and muscular damage.

Diseases and Infections

Diseases and infections that affect your bones or muscles can lead to back damage that is sometimes irreversible.

How can the Reverse Hyper Machine help?

Most back injuries cause compression which stops the healthy flow of blood and spinal fluid in the lumbar region and leads to pain, swelling, and stiffness.  Using a Reverse Hyper Machine is the safest and most effective way to decompress the spine. Once the spine has been decompressed, the proper flow of spinal fluid into the spinal column is restored. Gentle reverse hyperextension is the best exercise for spinal injuries but you should also always follow the direction of your physician.

Using a Reverse Hype machine effectively rebuilds damaged back muscle which may have been sprained, torn or injured in any other way.   The depressurizing mechanism that allows for spinal fluid flow also restores the flow of blood to the muscles, nourishing them and promoting growth and healing.  Reverse hyper offers a multitude of benefits for both healthy people and patients with back and spinal issues. If you want to build muscle, improve your core strength or recover from an injury, Reverse hyper is the way to go.

While the Reverse Hyper Machine is a powerful rehabilitation tool, it is also vital to follow the advice of a Physician.  Using the Reverse Hyper inappropriately could lead to further injury.  A consistent exercise program supported by the guidance of a medical professional can avoid this.  

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