Reverse Hyper Machine: How to Heal Your Back

Everyone knows how crucial exercise is to modern man. With the increase in lifestyle diseases, it is almost impossible to live a long and fruitful life without doing regular exercise. It is because of this that new and innovative exercise equipment is being designed and developed on an almost daily basis. The new kid on the block is the Reverse Hyper Machine. But what is it and how does it work? Most importantly, how useful is it to the body and why should you be using it in your exercise program?

What is the Reverse Hyper Machine?

Chances are you’ve probably seen it in the gym and wondered “What is that?” It’s not immediately obvious what the Reverse Hyper Machine is. You cannot easily identify it when you walk into the gym and it’s easy to walk past it when you do not know its value. The Reverse Hyper Machine commonly referred to as RHM is a gym machine that works to exercise your hamstrings, lower back, and glutes all at once. It was designed by world-famous powerlifter Louie Simmons after a sequence of lower back complications. Louie was assisted by Westside Barbell in the production of the machine. The Reverse Hyper is a beast, especially in the rehabilitation of lower back injuries.

How does the Reverse Hyper Machine work?

Now that you know what the Reverse Hype Machine is, you probably want to know how it works. The machine works on  “open chain” movement and this is what differentiates it from other lower back exercises and equipment. Open chain movement is simply an exercise technique that involves free movement of the legs during exercise. This puts less strain on the spine, minimizing the risk of injuries to the back.  In effect, the Reverse Hyper Machine creates traction through its swing creating space between the vertebral discs on the downward swing. Once the legs extend, the lower back is strengthened by the contraction of the muscles supporting the spine. In contrast, most other back exercise equipment uses a “closed-chain” movement which involves grounding of the feet on a support system such as floor wedges and places a lot more pressure on the spine, increasing the risk of injury.  This seems like a  lot of biological terms, but in simple language, the RHM does a whole lot of good for your lower back.

What is Reverse Hyper exercise?

Also referred to as Reverse hyperextension, this is the exercise performed by the Reverse Hyper Machine. It involves countering the weights using your feet. But how does it really occur? Here are the basic movements for performing hyperextension on the Reverse Hyper Machine:

  • Place weights on the weight
  • Place your feet on the pads
  • Lay yourself on the top pad while allowing your hips to hang off the back
  • Carefully grasp the handles to hold your position and maintain your grip
  • Begin the movement by flexing your hips in turn pulling your legs forward
  • Repeating this entire cycle will build your back muscle even as you adjust to heavier weights with time.

Why do you need the Reverse Hyper Machine?

The RHM allows you to develop several muscles all at once. This includes the glutes as well as the hamstring muscles. These are all key muscles for bodily movement and positional comfort. Damage or underdevelopment in these muscles could mean a lifetime of injuries and pain.  The Reverse Hyper is the perfect therapeutic tool for the lower back.  If you have lower back injuries or spinal complications then this is one of the machines you should use in the gym. It decompresses the spinal vertebrae speeding up the healing process.  It also increases speed and strength and reaction times,  making it the machine of choice for athletes.  RHM improves the muscles responsible for running, pulling, and squats amongst a host of other vital bodily movements.

What are the Reverse Hyper Machine brands available?

There are several options in the market but listed below are the most common and recommended brands:

  • Deluxe Reverse Hyper Machine
  • D-215 Reverse Hyper Machine
  • RH-2 Rogue Reverse Hyper Machine

Well, there you have it!  Next time you go to the gym please don’t walk past the Reverse Hyper Machine; it could be your best friend in disguise!

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