Westside Barbell Reverse Hyper Review: The Best Exercise Machine?

If you work in an office, then you are exposed to higher risks of developing back pain problems. Sitting on a chair for long hours hunched over your phone or computer leads to poor posture characterized by spine rigidity, tight hips and eventually leading to pain. Since the Westside Barbell reverse hyper machine has received mixed reactions, deciding whether to purchase it can be overwhelming.  You might be wondering if this is the right exercise machine for you.  If this is what’s concerning you, then worry no more. You are in the right place to find out.

In this review, I will reveal all the essential facts about the reverse hyper machine so you can make an informed decision. Let’s get started!

What is the Westside Barbell Reverse Hyper Machine?

This machine was designed by Louie Simmons, a well-known strength coach and founder of the iconic gym Westside Barbell. In a bid to cure his multiple broken vertebrae and save his career as a powerlifter, Louie came up with the reverse hyper machine which enabled him to return to top-level form and achieve even more in his performance.

What does Westside Barbell Reverse Hyper Machine Do?

The main aim in inventing the machine was to help in strengthening the posterior chain which it does by targeting the lower back, hamstrings, and glutes. By decompressing your spine without causing vertical compression, the machine significantly increases the dynamic strength of your spine. As the machine moves during the exercise, your spine is stretched and depressurized, allowing the spinal column to be filled with fluids while your lower back muscles are filled with blood.

What Are the Uses of the Westside Barbell Reverse Hyper machine?

While the Reverse Hyper Machine is most commonly found in strength training facilities, you’ll also see it in physical therapy centers, chiropractors’ offices and in rehab facilities. This is because of the crucial role the machine can play in healing back injuries. As a matter of fact, after training with the machine, Louie Simmons went ahead to break world records in powerlifting. This is because the machine works well with both heavy and light loads in routine strength training, improving tightness in the glutes and strengthening hamstrings. Using a Reverse Hyper machine is one of the best ways of training your lower back without necessarily loading it with weights which could cause injury due to compression of the spine.

How to Use the Reverse Hyper Machine

Using the machine is pretty simple, and just about anyone can easily get started with the training. Here is a step by step guide:

  • Put your legs between the rollers.
  • Place your belly and chest lying on the platform.
  • With your back flat, hold onto the handles.
  • Move your feet upwards as you maintain your upper body and keep your head still.
  • Try swinging your body as many times as possible.
  • Pause when your legs are at the top from time to time to avoid causing injuries.

Why Do You Need the Reverse Hyper machine?

Considering that this machine was invented by a prominent powerlifter, who is currently one of the leading powerlifting coaches on the planet, the machine has a lot to offer.  In spite of suffering severe spinal injuries,  Simmons went on to enjoy massive powerlifting success after using the machine to rehabilitate his back.  If you are looking to boost your fitness, recover from a back injury or simply to protect your back from future injury,   you will also benefit from a Reverse Hyper machine. Here are some of the top reasons why you need the machine:

Strength Gains

The reverse hyper exercise strengthens your posterior chain enhancing deadlift and squat strength. Using light, medium and heavy loads at least 3 to 4 times every week is ideal for developing strength. However, you should avoid too much exercise during your initial stage since it could cause excessive tightness and discomfort.

Spine and Back Therapy

The reverse hyper machine also plays a crucial role in healing your back and spine. This makes it suitable for you if you are experiencing spinal and back pain. If you are using the machine for back rehabilitation, it is very important to ensure you are using it correctly. If used inappropriately, the reverse hyper could exacerbate existing problems. Seeking help from an expert is advisable.

Core Control

The reverse hyper machine helps you build a strong and stable core when moving weight.   Core control is essential for all functional movement and having a powerful and engaged core protects you from all kinds of future injuries.  If having a strong and healthy back and avoiding injuries is important to you, then developing a strong core using the reverse hyper machine is one of the best things that you can do.


Despite some misconceptions about the impacts of reverse hyper exercise, there is a lot to gain from using this machine. There are several versions of the reverse hyper available but the Westside Barbell Reverse Hyper machine, in particular, is one of the pieces of exercise equipment on the market today. Its sturdy construction, durability, and ease of use make it one of the best investments you can make into your personal strength, fitness, and future back health.  I hope that this review has clarified any confusion you may have had, and helps you to benefit from using the reverse hyper technique in solving back problems.

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