Reverse Hyper Bench: Can You Exercise Without Weight?

A Reverse Hyper bench is a piece of strength training equipment used by powerlifters for the development of their hamstrings, glutes, and lower and middle back. This patented fitness equipment is popular with strength athletes and powerlifters and was invented by the legendary powerlifter and strength trainer Louie Simmons. Louie developed this equipment after he broke his fifth lumbar vertebra. The machine helps to develop squats and benches and is ideal for strength and rehabilitation. There are several benefits to using reverse hypers. One of the most significant of these is the machine’s role in weight management. Strength training builds muscle which conditions the body to burn fat more quickly and efficiently. Research studies have shown that strength training enhances the metabolic rate by 15 %, which can aid in long-term weight management and weight loss.

Another advantage of the Reverse Hypers is that it offers decompression of the spine without any vertical compression dynamically building strength in the spine in a very safe way. This is the reason why these machines are commonly used for lower back and spinal rehabilitation.  By promoting a pumping action, the Reverse Hyper depressurizes the spinal column by filling it with fluid while simultaneously filling the back muscles with blood. The Reverse Hyper can safely be used by people with all kinds of back injuries.  In order to heal an injured back, it is vital to release pressure so that normal circulation can be restored. This fitness equipment is a powerful tool for rehabilitation when used regularly.   If using a Reverse Hyper to treat a back injury, the recommended frequency of use is 3-4 times per week.

Here are some of the Reverse Hyper machines popular with powerlifters:

Ultra Supreme Reverse Hyper

This fitness equipment focuses on developing the back muscles. It is used with a table set straight and produces similar effects to some of the other strength training equipment invented by Louie Simmons. In the concentric phase, this device helps in dynamic strength development while in the eccentric phase, it serves as a rehabilitation machine. While doing powerlifting training, the Ultra Supreme Reverse Hyper helps to stretch and depressurize the lower back muscles gently by filling them with blood and the spinal column by filling it with spinal fluid. To get the most from the Ultra Supreme Reverse Hyper machine,  tilt down the table toward the front. This will help you to stretch and decompress, especially in the complete thoracic area. The machine can also be tilted back towards the rear to get a 45-degree hyper.  This position is ideal for stimulating the glutes and erectors. The Ultra Supreme Reverse Hyper is a great piece of fitness equipment which can help powerlifters to develop lower back muscle like never before.

Pro Reverse Hyper

The Pro Reverse Hyper machine is ideal for decompressing the spine without any risk of vertical compression. Just like the Ultra Supreme  Reverse Hyper, the Pro Reverse Hyper helps to achieve dynamic strength development during the concentric phase. It creates an internal pumping mechanism, filling the lower back muscles with blood and the spinal column with spinal fluid. For rehabilitation, it is important to release pressure so that healthy circulation can be restored to the injured area. Using this fitness machine 3 to 4 times a week is ideal for therapeutic work, however, many people use it on a daily basis with light weights which helps tighten up the lower back area. It is highly versatile and works just as well with heavy weights. The Pro Reverse Hyper is a sturdy and durable machine which can easily be used 24 hours a day. It is suitable for home gyms and commercial gyms and comes in a standard white frame with a black pad.  Customized colors are available and users will receive an instructional tape with the equipment.

Ultra Pro Reverse Hyper

The Ultra Pro Reverse Hyper is a versatile piece of exercise equipment which can be used as Strap or Roller model.  Users can easily switch between the two modes by removing a pin.  The machine comes with two sets of straps and rollers. This Louie Simmons designed equipment does not produce vertical compression on the spine and is ideal for spinal decompression. Powerlifters often experience back injury and using this machine helps to relieve pressure and to restore blood circulation to the injured area. For therapeutic work, it is recommended to use the Ultra Pro Roller Reverse Hyper  3 to 4 times a week. It can be used daily, however, if doing so, it is recommended to opt for lighter weights.  Just like the other Hyper machines on this list, the Ultra Pro Roller Reverse can be used as home gym equipment as well as in commercial gyms. This fitness equipment is quite similar to the previous model, with the exception of the hanging apparatus. Unlike the set of straps where you hang your feet, the Ultra Pro Roller Reverse has a roller system.

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